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Geocoder Configuration Issue - After Install, Resource Not Found

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Hi All,


I have a project that requires converting addresses to latitude/longitude and am trying to use the Street Geocoder tool. Here's what I've done so far:




  1. I’ve logged in to and downloaded the US CASS info required to use the Street Geocoder Tool (CASS_2020_02.exe)JamieO_0-1585849397385.png


  2. I’ve extracted the file and run AlteryxDataInstall.exe successfully with no errors
  3. When I go to configure the Geocoder tool after restarting Alteryx, I don’t get any option for the CASS info, and when I try to use the Geocoder tool it says no datasets are available


  4. I’ve reinstalled the dataset and restarted my PC twice
  5. I’ve searched Alteryx message boards and haven’t found any post with this issue


Am I missing a step? Do I need a separate license to use this tool? Any help, ideas, or referrals are greatly appreciated.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus



Cass is a separate dataset, you will also need to install a dataset like tomtom to use the street geocoder.  There is also a spatial license you may need to upgrade if necessary.  I use the Cass tool and street geocoder in tandem.  Cass standardizes the addresses so you get a higher geocode rate (see below).




5 - Atom

Thanks ggruccio! This was totally my issue - when I logged into my licenses, it was under "Data Packages" -> "US Location Insights" ...really appreciate the help.

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Hi There - Is there also a separate spatial license ? apart from the ones in the standard tool palette ?