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Generating row data based on a variable amount of info under it

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I have a csv file that is formatted like so:

List:Birds, 9
Penguin, 3
Cardinal, 4
Robbin, 2
List:Cats, 2
Tabby, 2


Everything under the item belong and sum to the list total, until the next list is stated. I'm struggling to convert the data to one row so that it would look like the following:


List:Birds, 9, Penguin, 3, Cardinal, 4, Robbin, 2

List:Cats, 2, Tabby, 2



Am I missing an easy solution to do this?

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Hi @Cmcguire ,


You can flag the different groups with a multi-row formula and then use a summarize tool to concatenate all relevant strings together




Hope that helps,



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This is exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!