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Generating invoices using reporting tool with invoice data

Alteryx Partner

Hi everyone


I've not really used the reporting tool, but I can see a good use to generate some invoices that we need for compliance purposes.


If I have this data in my data set:


Invoice NumberInvoice DescriptionSupplier NameAddress Line 1Address Line 2,Post code
1abcsupplier a123 alteryx laneAlteryx TownA17 RYX
2defsupplier b124 alteryx laneAlteryx TownA17 RYX


If i want a section with the last four columns in a document as one section of report text, invoice number in another section, and invoice description in another section, could someone help me understand how exactly I do this?


Thanks for your help


13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @ck2019,


The reporting tools should be able to give you a layout like you are looking for.  Do you have a mock-up of what you would like to the output to look like?


If you want examples of what the reporting tools can do, look at some of the solutions to Weekly Challenge #191 as there are several reporting tools required to solve this challenge:

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @ck2019 


Here's a basic workflow to get you started.  




The output looks like this with one record per page.





Alteryx Partner

Thank you Dan - really appreciate that. It all makes sense now and will help me build out the real thing!