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Generating a RANDINT that is less than an existing variable - in this case a median value


Hello all,


I am working to build a formula that generates a RANDOM INTEGER > 1 but less than the MEDIAN VALUE OF A VARIABLE (the new value would have a range of 1 to the MEDIAN VALUE which changes depending on the country- all Median values are >1) – any thoughts as to how to write this?


Example below:

IF ([D10b_2_Savings_account_s_total_curent_balance__all_savings]>[Median_D10b_2_Savings_account_s_total_curent_balance__all_savings]) THEN


RAND (1,[Median_D10b_2_Savings_account_s_total_curent_balance__all_savings])


ELSE [D10b_2_Savings_account_s_total_curent_balance__all_savings]




Hard to give concrete advice without a sample of the data. 


But I would use a summarize tool to produce the medians and then join tool to join back to the original data by country


You can then use the value in a Rand function as you have for each row.


 Happy to help further but would be useful if you could fake some data for us to advise on.