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Generating a Frequency for All Columns

I have a file that I'd like to run frequencies for every column in my data set. The Frequency Table tool will only get me counts for text columns but I have numeric columns. Is this the right tool to use or is there something else I should use?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @cmbarnett you can do this in a number of ways I would suggest using a summasize tool and grouping by your column and then doing a count. Attached a workflow showcasing this way and a few others.




Hi @cmbarnett 


If you need the output of the Frequency tool including information like Cumulative percent, you can use a Multi-field tool right before the Frequency to force the fields to all be string fields




If you need to retain the original field types, check the Copy output Field box.  If not, leave it unchecked to convert the fields in place



This worked perfectly! I had nearly 700 columns so changing their data type made this very easy!