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Generate missing rows

5 - Atom

Hi All,


I'm new to Alteryx and trying to figure out how to solve the below problem.


I have a sales dataset with Country and Segment dimensions. But some countries do not have data for all the Segments.

So I need to generate missing segment rows for each country with 0 sales.


Usually, I would use Excel pivot table feature "Show items with missing data". But I have a huge dataset that Excel is not able to handle. 


As shown in the below screenshot, I need to transform the "Before" table to "After" table.  Thanks in advance for any help.


alteryx generate missing rows.PNG

11 - Bolide

Hi @shivraj2,


Please try the attached workflow.




13 - Pulsar

Another option:image.png

The Summarize/Append tools are creating every possible combination, and the Join/Union tools end up adding the extra rows.  The Data Cleansing tool at the end subs in 0's for nulls.


Hope it helps!

5 - Atom

Thanks a lot, Vishwa. Really appreciate the help.


Here is another solution I achieved through trial and error.

5 - Atom

I found the solution the same way actually!



13 - Pulsar

Nice!  Can't argue with 2 people agreeing!

7 - Meteor

Genius!  This solved my problem.  Thank you so much!