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Generate customized execution log during execution


Hi All,

I would like to capture log messages to a database table or in custom log file run-time during the workflow execution for monitoring and performance analysis. 
For e.g. when each my execution starts, and each would like to keep it updated in each steps... 
 once the workflow starts:

1abc.yxmdrunning7/29/2019 19:06 process starts at 19:06. Data extract starts 19:06.  

I could be using different Alteryx tools for e.g. "Input Data Source", "Data Cleansing", "Formula" for Data Extract process. However, i just want high-level updates.

In between, I would like to append the log_message field with the workflow progress, 

once the workflow completes:

1abc.yxmdcompleted7/29/2019 19:067/29/2019 19:10process starts at 19:06. Data extract starts 19:06. Data extract completes at 19:07.19394 


This log i would ideally like to store within our database run-time. Even if it is offline text files like .txt, .csv or Excel. I can manage.

I am not sure if someone already has any solution for this. Looking forward to your suggestions.

Thanks !

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @Arindam_Bera 


Have you looked into using the Engine Logs that are produced everytime a workflow is run?


You can also use the CreW Log Parser to get them into a nice format

Alteryx Certified Partner

I imagine the Message tool in the Developer section could be helpful here. You could write expressions that include workflow values ("2,315 records were returned on step 4", etc) and start with custom prefixes that making identification and parsing easy.

Yes, I have. However, I would like to access it during runtime within my workflow which I am unable to do.