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Fuzzy Matching on Name (Employee Name and Inventor) and joining back in Inventor info.


Requirement: Analyze master HR file that contains Employee Name and fuzzy match on Inventor name in new file. 


The goal is to pull all information associated with the inventor(Patents, Dates, Years, etc) in the new file and append all inventor associated fields back to the HR master file where Employee Name and Inventor name fuzzy matched.



How to correctly union HR Master file data with new Inventor file data before the Fuzzy match. Once that is accomplished and fuzzy match is done, how to bring back in all applicable fields from Inventor and HR into one report. 


How to avoid duplicates when Fuzzy match assigns RecordID and RecordID2. Which ID's do you use for the future joins later on in the workflow? 


Attached is a screenshot of the workflow below. 



Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @tomunger848,


I would recommend checking out the Fuzzy Join tool (scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the macro). This will allow you to join based on a minimum matching threshold (using the Names), you can then sort based on the highest level matches, if there are multiples, add a select the first record using the sample tool. If you need the records that didn't meet the match threshold then you can rejoin those using a join and a union to create an outer join to grab both sets of records.


Let me know if you need a diagram.