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Fuzzy Match

5 - Atom

I am new to Alteryx and still getting the hang of it


I have 6 different data sets and I want to match the different excel files using a unique identifier which is an ID. The problem is there are instances where the ID appears more than once because the customer has more than one policy on the same product. There are 6 different products and some customers might have more than one policy of the same product. for example someone can have 2 policies from product A, 1 policy from product B and 3 policies from product C. All these policies have a unique identifier which is unique to  Product A etc. 


So the only thing that matches a person with a product in A and another in product B is their ID which might appear more than once under Product A.


IF an ID appeared only once it would be easier to deal with.  in the end I want to have a list which shows an ID number with all the policies that are linked to that ID number across all the 6 Business Units


Thanks in advance

17 - Castor
17 - Castor


It sounds like you are perhaps overcomplicating the situation but I may be wrong.


union your 6 datastreams together, then you can use a summerize tool grouping by ID, business division and product.

If you can share some sample data if this isn't the correct solution then we can take a look in more detail 🙂

9 - Comet

Not sure if i got your question correctly. But see if the attached workflow does what you want. there are 2 Solutions which i believe get what you want. One is identical to what Ben mentioned, the other is just another take.


Hope it helps