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Fuzzy Match issues

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Hello All,


I have been reading and trying to learn how to fuzzy match. The issue is i have two inputs that i would like to match based on name rather than amount (see below). The amount can differ but date/name should align. I tried setting up the fuzzy match but i get 0 records.  Please let me know, thanks.



Input 1    
Record IDDateTransactionAmountDescription
402018-02-15AT&T BILL PAYMENT75Description Input 1
412018-03-05AVIS RENT-A-CAR 1102.94Description Input 2
422018-03-15HILTON GARDEN INN ORLA4.26Description Input 3
442018-03-16HILTON GARDEN INN ORLA347.63Description Input 4
532018-06-24SEEHOTEL NIEDERNBERG245.24Description Input 5
552018-06-25SEEHOTEL NIEDERNBERG245.24Description Input 6
572018-06-26SEEHOTEL NIEDERNBERG245.24Description Input 7
582018-06-27SEEHOTEL NIEDERNBERG42.35Description Input 8
592018-06-27SEEHOTEL NIEDERNBERG90.75Description Input 9
Input 2    
Record IDDateTransaction Description
1802018-02-15AT&T*BILL PAYMENT197.97Description 2
1842018-03-05AVIS RENT-A-CAR 1,DENVER,CO,USA205.88Description 3
1872018-03-16HILTON GARDEN INN ORLA,ORLANDO,FL,USA351.89Description 4
Alteryx Partner

Hello @AustinRiggs94. In this case, you need fuzzy match in merge mode because you have 2 fields. Look my example with you data, you need créate groups per fields and use unión, then apply fuzzy match with merge mode and only apply join to obtain differents fields.

fuzzy match example.png

Remember, look the configuration of fuzzy match tool. 


Alteryx Partner

Sorry, idk why the message dont has the example.