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Fuzzy Match For this Please

Hello All,

I have an excel which I have to compare with my master so if I have existing data for that DC Name I have to take the EC3 ID and EC3 Name from master to my file 1 in EC3 ID and EC3 Name columns.

Attaching excels on same.

for ex.

CreatedDC IDDC NameCODAction to be takenEC3 IDEC3 NameClient TypeLinks
7/1/20181Gucci   ?  
7/4/20184Jimmy   ?  


The above file should take data from this master by having DC Name as search criteria.


5Gucci Ltd.1111aa
6Prada Private2222bb
7Dior Inc.3333cc
8Jimmy Co.4444dd


So ideally Gucci should get EC3 ID as 1111 and EC3 Name as "aa" on First table



CreatedDC IDDC NameCODAction to be takenEC3 IDEC3 NameClient TypeLinks
7/1/20181Gucci  1111aa  
7/4/20184Jimmy   ?  


Please Help urgent.



Thanks in advance


The Find and Replace tool has some functionality that might meet your needs.  It has the option to "Append Fields" rather than replace, so you end up with more or less a Join based on partial matches.  Take a look at the attached and see if it sheds some light.

Alteryx Partner

I presume that since this is Excel these aren't large data sets, as such, you could use the "Append Fields" tool, switch it to "Allow All Appends", then use a formula tool to set a Bool variable to "Contains([DC_Name],[DC Name])" and filter the result. It works with your sample data, but if your actual data has variations which result in multiple matches, you would need additional logic.
2018-07-24 11_09_49-Alteryx Designer x64 - New Workflow1_.png

Any option doing it by Fuzzy match cause my dataset contains around 150k records and also there could be any name matching the same so accuracy is required.

Please Help!