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Fuzzy Match Email to Name


I have a list of names and emails associated to an account. 

I want to tie the names to the emails on the same account. 


Here is my data

AccountName 1Name 2Email 1Email 2
1Bob JohnsonJoel
2Hannah HopeLindsay 



Here is my desired output

1Joel Baker
2Hannah Hope 


I'm guessing this is a fuzzy match question, but I am not sure how to set it up or if more prep work is required. 


Any help would be appreciated


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @ac5a,


Here's an example of how you could go about this. I've used your sample data.


fuzzy matching.png

In this case only one of the email and name pairs generates a match, but you can play around with the fuzzy match options or create additional versions of each name or email to increase this.


Fuzzy matching is more of an art than a science and relies a lot on you coming up with sensible business rules and then structuring your data accordingly.  For example, depending on your data, you might want to treat a surname within an email address as a potential match -- in which case you'll need to create additional versions of your records.


The complexity of your workflow can increase dramatically once you start to take into account all the possible variants you want to use for matching (it's common to have more than one fuzzy match tool and then combine the results), but the basic approach is almost always as shown above.


Hope this helps.  Workflow attached.


Thanks! I will give it a try!