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Functions: Slope() and Intercept()


In the Excel, I am using Slope()  and Intercept(). But I can not find it in the Alteryx Function.

I would like to know if Alteryx will add these functions or any other functions in the future?

Thank you.




If you're doing a linear regression to get a y=mx+b formula, you already have your slope (m) and intercept (b).  The 'O' output of the linear regression tool will have the model.


Is there a way to get the actual equation y =mx+b in Alteryx using the another tool with the Scatter tool?

Why don't you place the slope of the line on the Scatterplot tool (or another tool) for doing side by side visual comparisons.  I should not have to get out the calculator every time to calculate M.   Just place it on the line "M=xxxxx"


@KarlWang @JHFongSF87 @lonestar62 

As far as I know, to get the gradient, m from slope equation y = mx + c , you have to use Linear Regression

From the Browse tool, you get the gradient, m calculated.

@dataMack, currently the 2019 version of Linear Regression tool output 'O' does not show the intercept and gradient. But, thank you for leading the hint to use Linear Regression tool.