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Full Uninstall of Designer


Hello Alteryx Community :)


I am trying to help out my colleague (see here) with her R rlang issue.  I am not having the same problem that she is facing, so as a last ditch effort, I am thinking the best thing to do is to completely uninstall Designer.  So to do so, will someone please tell me the best way, besides going into control panel and performing the uninstall.  Are there any other setting files or other "stuff" that I need to remove before trying a fresh installation of the latest version?  Thanks.


Hi @robertfishel,


Thanks for posting to the Community! Is there any reason why you do not want to use the Control Panel option? You can also use the uninstall option in the Program Files folder for Alteryx.


Thank you!

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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Hello DanC. I was trying to help a co-worker who was having trouble
getting the R tool in Alteryx to work correctly. We had tried different
steps to remedy the issue, then finally decided that what might be needed
is a complete uninstall/reinstall of Alteryx and R. I know that in the
past when I have tried to uninstall software by means of the Control Panel,
extra "stuff" is left in the registry, or there may be hidden files stashed
somewhere on a user's machine. That's why I was questioning about a true,
full uninstall of designer.


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I will start by saying that you want to ALWAYS try via the control panel first, and make sure you are uninstalling both Alteryx Designer AND any mention of Alteryx Predictive Tools (some versions install them separately as different line items on the Control Panel).


Note: A full uninstall will remove all configuration items and any 'leave behinds', so please expect that.


Once you've done that, then the clean up you can do is in the following areas;


1. ProgramFiles folders - look for Alteryx folders and blow them out of ProgramFiles

2. ProgramData folders - look for Alteryx folders and blow them out of ProgramData (This is a hidden folder structure).

3. Registry;


For Alteryx:





For Predictive (if installed):





Thank you for the detailed explanation.  Much appreciated!


Thanks for alerting to look for those unconventionally named registry entries. FYI for future potential frustrated troubleshooters there are are also quite a few Alteryx registry entries nested under the various 'Software\SRC' trees.