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From address to GPS coordinates


Hi guys,


I have a very long list of stores in Paris with their full address (format is as follows : 50 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris)


Is there a quick way to generate 2 columns with their GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude).


many thanks,



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Geocoding addresses requires a dataset to look up that address so that the coordinates can be assigned.


From Alteryx:

There is a Street Geocoder tool within Alteryx, but it requires a dataset that supports the region you are working in. You would need to contact your Alteryx representative to gain access to these datasets (If you don't already have them).


From Google:

The Information Lab has an awesome article about how the Google API can be used to geocode.


You will need and API key to use this service that can be obtained here:

Hello Charlie,


Thank you that is exactly what i am after . I made the Google one work !


1. Alteryx :

I only need to plot a couple hundreds of stores once (Store portfolio does not change drastically overtime), thus purchasing the whole dataset behind does not make business sense


2. Google API

 To everyone new to the google cloud platform - you will be walked through to 1. create projects and 2. use API keys within those projects. BUT you will need to ENABLE the Geomapping APP as well otherwise you will keep Error and access denied messages everytime you will run the workflow. it worked for me !