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Formula to enter a phrase if a cell in the row is empty, and enter another if its not empt


Hey guys,


So my project consists of a list of company transactions. The information of certain transactions are in rows, which are sorted by column headers. I have a column named affiliate that is either empty or has an affiliate it pertains to. If the cell is empty, I want to paste "Non" in the next cell in the row under column header "entry" and if the affiliate cell has any affiliate I want to post "inter" in the entry cell. I tried an if statement using isNull but It is not working.




This is the example of my list. It says inter for both.. any advice?


Hi @all163 , my guess is that your cells are blank rather than null. I'd recommend switching over to the IsBlank() formula from IsNull(). If that doesn't work for you could you screenshot the formula you're trying to help with further troubleshooting? Thanks!




Thanks for the fast response! I cannot find the IsBlank formula on my platform. I might be using an old version. What do you think?


@all163 Whoops that's my fault - I got my wording mixed up. The formula I meant is IsEmpty(). My history in Excel is sneaking up on me


Maybe my data is very manipulated, because I am pulling from many different sources, but it unfortunately is not working. I have tried isNull, isEmpty and even = "" in my if condition. What can I provide for you to try and trouble shoot this?


@all163 Is it possible for you to provide some sample data or attach your workflow? Or provide some screenshots of your workflow?


Does your if statement look like this? 


You could also run a data cleansing tool through to make sure that the empty cells are actually empty.


Hope this helps!




Sorry for the delayed response, the data was outputting a space as " " for some values, the simple fix was writing an ifs statement to look for both. Thanks for the help!