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Formula on Multiple Inputs




I am trying to create a formula using 2 inputs.


Input no1 - Merival + ZEUS values

Input no2 - External ID + ACU/DBU Ctr


I wanted to use the following formula - If [Merival] = [ACU/DBU Ctr] and ZEUS = [External Id] then "MV Match" ELSEIF Zeus = [ACU/DBU Ctr] and [Merival] = [External Id] then "Zeus Match" else "no match" endif  


The above will tell me whether Merival matches with ACU & ZEUS with External ID or vice versa.


Any idea how this can be done?




Alteryx 0201.2.PNGAlteryx 0201.3.PNGAlteryx 0201.PNG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @emiafshar


I think maybe you're pointing out to a wrong approach for this situation

You could try to join your inputs first, so you can compare your records on a row-to-row basis.


Add a Record ID to both of your inputs


1st step:

Join your inputs with these conditions:

[Merival] = [ACU/DBU Ctr] 

ZEUS = [External Id]


2nd step:

Join them again with these conditions:

Zeus = [ACU/DBU Ctr] 

[Merival] = [External Id]


3rd step:

Union the Join Outputs of the two steps before with the L and R Outputs of them.


4th step:

Get rid of the possible duplicate values, using Unique Tool and selecting Unique Record ID_1 and Record ID_2.


5th step: 

Use Formula to apply your Table Match condition.


It might go this way, maybe with some things to adapt to, but if you could share your data it would be easier to validate this.