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Formula for returning the decimal value that represents fractional months between two date

I'm currently trying to calculate fractional months within alteryx; however am running into some errors. I've only been able to come across datedtimediff - however, it returns the difference in months as a whole number. I'm looking for a similar function to the excel function YEARFRAC.




You can definite the duration that’s measured in the final part of the function: years, months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds

Could you use “days” and divide by 365? I’m not familiar with YEARFRAC in excel but would that give you the same thing?

Day count conventions are always a bit of a pain. I think:



((DateTimeYear([End])*12 + DateTimeMonth([End]) - DateTimeYear([Start])*12 - DateTimeMonth([Start]))*30 + 
DateTimeDay([End]) -



This should work out the 30/360 default (YearFrac standard basis) reasonably accurately (no promises I haven't missed an edge case)



This worked like a charm, thank you!! I just had to multiply the equation by 12 to return months opposed to years for purposes of the workflow I'm building. Thanks again.