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Formula for getting selected names from List Box tool




What formula can we use for getting list of selected names from ListBox tool and use it for updating Report Text Tool ?


For example, if we have excel file with 2 columns NAME, VALUE that is used as source for ListBox tools:

NAME: option1, option2, option3

VALUE: 1, 2, 3

I am looking for formula for getting selected NAMEs (for example option2, option3).


I've found only way to get selected VALUEs by using Update Value action type in Action tool (in example above, "2","3") :




If you put the ListBox in "Generate Custom List" mode then you can attach it to a formula tool to get the value out.



Having got into a formula tool you can shape it to fit the report text you want.


Sample app attached show list box connected to formula tool.


I am looking for formula for getting selected NAMEs instead of VALUEs. In your example, I am looking for way for retrieving A,B,C in Input instead of "1","2","3":



Probably the easiest way is to just make the value equal to the name. 


Otherwise I would suggest a find and replace tool to swap each value for its name


Thank you @jdunkerley79 for suggestion, that would work.

I am wondering if there is formula in Action tool that we can use for this purpose?