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Formula for basic subtraction based on type of income




I have a large composite report for many different fund structures that contains their income, expenses, gains, losses, etc. I need a formula that calculates a specific adjustment for each fund based on the same factors. I need to calculate the amount that comes from "Taxable Income Subtotal (0)" minus "Net Income Per Financial Statements" minus "Section 1256 Futures Sold - 60% Reclass to LT" minus "Current Year Section 1256 Contracts MTM" minus "Prior Year Section 1256 Contracts MTM - Reversed" and if that line does not contain an amount it is just treated as zero. I have tried transposing the date, using multi row field formulas, multiple filters, but nothing is able to do exactly what I want. Does anyone have suggestions?


Hi @Michaelovermyer !


Your description threw me off a little. I don't understand the transpose by date part or which or which column of data you want to use for each measure. I assumed "TotalAmount" in this workflow but you can change the measure in the Crosstab tool.





Hope this helps! Give it a try and let us know if it gets you closer. If not, write back with a few more details regarding how the measures should be calculated.