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Formula Tool returning numeric string values

Hi All,


I have an issue with the formula tool with a very simple IF statement updating values of an existing field:


 IF [Category]='Category W' THEN [Channel] = 'Other' ELSE [Channel] ENDIF


The IF statement above is intended to replace all 'Category W' with 'Other' in the 'Channel' field, yet it is returning integer vales (of Zero) as a string. Has anyone seen this? or know how I can fix it? 




Update: Have now solved this, the statement should have been:


IF [Category]='Category W' THEN 'Other' ELSE [Channel] ENDIF


Thanks to the following post:

Alteryx Certified Partner

Glad you solved it, 


I see this a lot in formulas that user will write If qThen x=y Else z ENDIF


When using x=y after then you are create a true/false statement (0 being false)