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Formula In-DB dividing numerical fields results in 0 values




I am working with the In-Database tools, connecting to an SQL server.  I am trying to divide two numerical fields and create a new field.  The division should result in a decimal but the new field is showing only 0's.


Here is my SQL Expression that is created from the In-DB Formula tool:

"HD_Dist_Totals" / "Ind_Dist_Totals"


I have the Output Field creating new field as a Float Type.  The end goal is to divide the two fields to create a decimal and then convert them to a percentage.  My SQL knowledge is limited and I think that I am missing something in the statement, but my Googling has not helped.


Thanks for any help!


Okay, I think I figured it out.  I set my SQL Expression as the following:


SELECT CAST("HD_Dist_Totals" AS FLOAT) / CAST("Ind_Dist_Totals" AS FLOAT)