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Formula In-DB Tool

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I'm using a Formula In-DB tool to create a field.  I have the Type set to FixedDecimal but when the workflow runs the metadata shows this new field with size 36.0, so my values are coming out rounded to the nearest integer. 


I need the values to have at least 2 decimal places, so how can I adjust this to output the field as Size of 36.2 or 36.7?  Is there a CAST command I need to add to the formula?


Thank you.

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If the output is not coming out as you'd expect, yes, I'd suggest wrapping your current expression in a CAST/CONVERT function. You didn't specify what type of DB you're connecting to so you'll need to determine the correct function/syntax and the data type (and length if applicable) as required by your DB to perform this operation.



Hope this helps!



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Thank you jrgo!  It is an SAP HANA connection so it worked to use cast(...... as double).  Easier solution than I thought.