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Formula Help?!


How can I implement this rule into my workflow?


[Business Unit]

[New/Renew Indicator]




What I want to do is say, If [Business Unit] = "X" and [New/Renew Indicator] = "New" then allocate 80% of [Premium] to [Location] Y and 20% of [Premium] to [Location] Z


You may have to create two formulas.


[Y Allocation] 

if [business unit] = "X" and [New/Renew Indicator] = "New"

then [Premium]*.8



[Z Allocation]

if [business unit] = "X" and [New/Renew Indicator] = "New"

then [Premium]*.2



Possible to share sample data and desired output? as the description is not clear enough to understand. 



The formula I used is as follows:


Output Column: [Premium]

If [Business Unit] = "X" and [Location] != "Y" and [Location] != "Z" then [Premium]*.8 else if [Business Unit] = "A" and [Location] = "B" then [Premium]*.2 else [Premium] endif endif



This formula worked. But, after thinking it through it is not what I really need.


What I need is, have any account with Premium to allocate (keep) 80% of the premium in the original [Location] and 20% subtracted out and allocated to [Location] "A".  


For example:

Account 1 - Location X: $10

Account 2 - Location Y: $10

Account 3 - Location Z: $10


Whats needed...(Remapping Premium) 

Account: 1 - Location X: $8 and Location A: $2

Account 2 - Location Y: $8 and Location A: $2

Account 3 - Location Z: $8 and Location A: $2