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Formula: Error

7 - Meteor

I'm trying to input this code to generate state initials but I'm getting errors with my if statements. I thought it had to end with endif?Please can someone help me out?

11 - Bolide

Hi @MosesAddai24 


I would suggest to apply tool 'Find Replace' for your case. I will really simplify your long formula.

Do you need help with applying this tool?




11 - Bolide

Hi @MosesAddai24 ,


I think the issue is with your else clauses. Only the last clause should be an else, with everything else being an else if clause.


Please check the sample formula below:-


if contains([Header(State)],"HAWAII" )

then "HI"

elseif contains ([Header(State)],"ALASKA" )

then "AK"

elseif contains ([Header(State)],"ALABAMA" )

then "AL"

else "Default"



Also attached is a sample workflow for your reference.


Do let me know if this resolves the error.



Jagdeesh Narayanan

7 - Meteor

I changed the else statements but it's still not working.

7 - Meteor

Thanks! I was able to use the find and replace tool in the data source

15 - Aurora

fyi- your original if/then/else/endif grouping had an error at character 27 - you didn't post the first screen shot of the beginning of your formula which is where there error would have been - but I  expect that you didn't close a "]" or are missing a comma or a ")" somewhere...

7 - Meteor

Yh i reviewed the font and it appears that the alteryx could not recognize my commas because they were smart quotes. It works now. Thanks!