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My date is in the format 1/1/2017, i want it to display "Jan 2017". How can this be done?


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Hi @bhargavaprakriti


Use the DateTime tool in parse section and select the option "Convert from Date/Time field to Formatted string.


In the Desired format for output string you select the format as "Month, year" and run the workflow.


it provides what you exactly need.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Actually you need to use two date time tools.


Firstly you need to convert from a string to a true datetime.


Then convert from the datetime back to your desired string as per @haroon_sa's post.



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Alteryx Certified Partner



If we assume that the format of 1/1/2017 is DAY/MONTH/YEAR, then you can use a FORMULA tool with a single expression of:


DateTimeFormat(datetimeparse([Field1],"%d/%m/%Y"),"%b %Y")

if the day/month is actually month/day, then change the %d/%m to %m/%d.


This is a nested expression that parses the text to a date format and then formats that date into your desired output.





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