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Formatting Output in single excel (Multiple sheets)

6 - Meteoroid

Hi ,


I'm getting my output in a single excel with multiple sheets. but i would want to format my output data in all my multiple sheets.


could someone help me with which tool should i use or attach me the tool with configurations and send me the workflow.


Attached my sample workflow , input file (dummy) and expected result excel (tracker).


Thank you in advance.

10 - Fireball

Sounds like you're looking for the Table tool in the Reporting palette, this will allow you to format your data table. 


Additionally, instead of using 2 Output Data tools, you'll use a single Render tool from the Reporting palette.  To get your data into multiple sheets, you'll need a Layout tool instead of the Filter, and we need to add a Formula tool to identify how to split the dataset into sheets.  See the attached workflow for the configurations needed.