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Format Dynamic Email Table


Hi Everyone!


I have created a very complicated (for me) Alteryx workflow that takes some data and creates a dynamic pivoted table that I am wanting to email out.  This table creates it's columns each times it runs based on week ending dates.  So the columns will never be the same except for the user name and director.  


I found int he layout where I could create some rules on columns if I know their names... which I don't...  Is there a way I can dynamically have these rules applied to any columns that aren't name or director?


My table looks like this:

Director      Name          3/2/19        3/9/19        3/16/19
Billy             Joe          X                          X                
Jim              Jill                       X             19
Jane            Jack           2                   


I want to increase the font sizes, I also want to see about creating a conditional filter, so if the field doesn't have an "X" in it I want it to be colored in.


Any ideas?



Alteryx Partner

I haven't used these much at all, but I'd be checking all the tools in the Reporting palette. The Table tool allows you to create column rules around colours, background, etc. then you can render to PDF/XLS/whatever or email


Could you attach your workflow? You should be able to do the conditional formatting and text formatting within the table tool to dynamic fields:




I'll see if I can create some dummy data for the workflow.  But I tried your suggestion real quick and I get the error "The field Unknown is not contained the record"



Alteryx Partner

But if the date columns change all the time then you shouldn't select them - then it would be classed as an unknown field.  Then you can apply the rule about the background colour