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For my fellow Premier League fans


For anyone interested in the Premier League or soccer/football/footie in general, I've built a workflow for the 2019-2020 Premier League Table. Each week I'll just drop in a new Text Input with the weekly fixture list and scores, link to Union, click run, and the table will update. Attached is my workflow that I've validated thru Match Week 2. Feedback is appreciated as I'm still a new user, working with Alteryx Designer for just about a month now. I'm just a huge Liverpool fan who wanted to replicate the league table in Alteryx! 




I bet you could rig up the download tool to automatically download the latest week's fixtures from the premier league website or wikipedia or something to build the table...




Hi @FrankB724 


Always good to see Alteryx and Football combined! Where abouts are you currently getting the data for your text input files? It might be that you can import your weekly data in directly using an API or web scraping capabilities.


If you are also interested in Fantasy Premier League I would highly recommend having a read of this article - where a workflow has been created to build the best Fantasy football team.


You will need to change the url in the first text input to be - ''  for this to work now though!





Hi @wdavis 

I'm manually inputting the fixture results into the Text Input Tool as they conclude. There are 10 matches per week, so its not too taxing to do manually. If I input the entire weekly fixture list in advance of the matches being played, the table will falsely reflect a number in the "Played" column for matches that have not yet been played/concluded that week.

Example: In week 3, the first match was last Friday (the remaining 9 on Sat/Sun)...when the Friday match concluded I input & ran that result and the table reflected just those two clubs having played one match more than the other 18 clubs, which is correct. If I would have listed all 10 fixtures beforehand and clicked run, the table would incorrectly reflect that all 20 clubs had played the same number of matches (3) and I would have returned some Null scoring results for the blanks of those home & away sides not yet to play.

Your suggestions are very informative, and the source data would definitely work if the fixture results would populate as they conclude. Most of the fixture lists I have found provide the list in its entirety and would not work in my particular workflow. There are apps that have "Live Tables", so this is definitely possible. I use FotMob on my iPhone and the table updates in real time as the matches are taking place.

Cheers for the reply and feedback! I will def look into the Fantasy Premier League links you provided as I do participate in that each year. Any advantage I can get in choosing players for my fantasy side is appreciated!