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For each record - Dynamic input's results


I'm trying to loop through the input records and update the dynamic Input tool for each record and execute it to get the results. Eg: The input is a WHERE condition. Each row needs to be passed to the dynamic input as a Rule and run the Dynamic input to fetch the results for each rule. If I'm not wrong in Alteryx we use Batch Macro or Iterative Macro. How do I implement this?


Expected Results

Rule | MbrId | ClaimNbr

1 | 1234 | 4848884

2 | 5884 | 3959992



I don't think you need a batch macro in this case. If you're just changing the WHERE clause the schema for all your records should be the same.


Have a look at the example below. The text input tool represents a list of identifiers ([business_ref]) from which I build a simple where clause with a formula tool.




where clause dynamic input1.png


The template connection in the Dynamic Input tool contains a simple Select statement.


where clause dynamic input2.png


I then use the Append Suffix to File?Table Name option, with the output of the workflow shown below.


You could of course pick another option and build the entire sql statement in the formula tool if you want.


where clause dynamic input3.png