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For Loop and Appending Rows

My requirement is to essentially add 3 rows to define the tables below, defined as

 tables: a,b, and c


Essentialy I want to tell Alteryx:

For i in range

where i doesNotContain digit

Append 3 rows



My Dataset looks like pic attached


Based on what you describe I would suggest:




- Add a record id tool (this will create an index column called RecordID)

- Add a filter on Mod(RecordID,3) = 1

- You can then create a Table name for every three rows

- Next union this back with the data with the RecordID (ensure the tool is configured to put the filtered data first)

- Sort on RecordID and you should have the extra rows added.

- Finally, you can use a Select tool to remove the extra RecordID column


Sample attached showing what I mean