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Flagging new entries

I'm hoping this is simple to resolve.


I'm trying to recreate a lookup table, where I add fields into a report based on cost centre. That bit is simple enough - I join the report and the lookup together with the cost centre as the common field. However, occasionally a new cost centre appears in my base report, so it does not yet exist in my lookup table. How do I create an output that flags these new cost centres? I know I have to use the Formula tool, but I'm stuck on what that formula needs to look like.


Thanks in advance.


Hi @EricaDakin,


If your data is coming into the Left of the Join tool then any new cost centres that don't join will be output from the Left output of the Join tool. This way you can use this output to either create a list of new cost centres or use a formula tool to create a 'New Cost Centre Flag' field with 'True' or 1 as the formula, before using the union tool to join them all together.


Let me know if this works and solves your problem. Hope it helps.



Ahh, yes I see. I didn't realise it would be that simple. Thanks!

One option would be to use the “expect zero records” macro from the crew macro pack. Connected to the appropriate output anchor of your join tool, your workflow will output an error in the event the anchor has any records (is there are new cost centers not in your lookup table).

You can still proceed with the remainder of the workflow, but this is an easy way to get a notification of new centers.

@LukeM is the easiest answer and one that I currently employ myself!


Good luck!




Glad you're good to go now @smoskowitz - if you could mark it as a solution then others can see that there's an appropriate answer.


@LukeM Since I am not the creator of this post, I can not mark anything as correct. The OP needs to do that.





Apologies @smoskowitz . I misread the thread.