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Flagging Matches from 2 different sources


Hi guys,


I've got a simple problem that I'm having a hard time getting my head around.


I have two sets of data (2 files). File 1 is my master file of a couple of hundred thousand addresses. File 1 is a file of addresses of houses which have specific characteristics.


Quite simply, I want to add a field to file 1 indicating if its address can be found in file 2. This is giving me a headache!


I can easily union the data, and the output the files that match. I can then create a new field using the formula tool which indicates the match. Obviously, 100% of the output is a match. My problem is I want to see not just the matches, but the whole dataset with an additional field indicating if its a match.


I know this is easy...I'm just at a wall! Any ideas?


Hi there,


I would recommend first joining the two files on address (I recommend making file 1 your left input and file 2 your right input). Those that join (come out of the J output node) will be the ones you want to flag for file 1. If you click on that J node, you can uncheck all the fields from the file 2 input. Then you can add a formula tool out of the J node with a field named something like 'address found in file 2', and in the formula section simply put a 1. You can make this and int or a byte. Finally, union the L and J nodes of your join tool, and you will have your original dataset for file 1, plus a field that indicates if the address exists in file 2. This new field will be 1 if it exists, Null if it doesn't exist. You can easily replace these nulls with zeros with another formula tool or a data cleansing tool if you wish.





Hey @mmenth,


Thank you so much - this worked perfectly. Perfectly!  


You're awesome.