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Fixed Width - starting from character 10

8 - Asteroid

H There,


I am trying to do a simple text to columns with fixed width and have viewed the answers on here but cannot find a reply that solves my question.





In the example above I need to ignore the first 9 characters and select anything from the 10th character, there is not a fixed number of characters after the 10th it could be 5 it could be 50.  In excel I would do text to columns fixed width starting 10th character. How do I do this in Alteryx? I have tried using RegEX however I do not know what to put in the Regular expression.





19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Try this:

Substring([Field], 10,)


The CORRECTED version of the code is:

Substring([Field], 10)

I originally answered the post while on my walk.  The substring function is zero-based and will pick up from the 11th character going forward if no length is specified.  This should be FASTER than a RegEx expression such as:


It is also easier to explain.


That just might work for you.



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Came here to recommend RIGHT([Field],LENGTH([Field])-10), left with new information about Substrings that are WAY easier.


Thanks as always Mark!

One minor detail - I think the second comma is not required and can cause parsing issues (or at least it does for me on an older version of Alteryx.

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Great thanks Mark, yes that worked, without the second comm.

8 - Asteroid

the second comma was not needed. Thank you!