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Finding Column Total

9 - Comet

Good Day,


I have a workflow wherein I am looking for the discrepancy between the two input files. Along with it, I'd like to find the sum total of Sum Quantity, Sum Qty and Discrepancy.


Kindly see attached screenshot and input files.

21 - Polaris

Hi @marlontalisvistar,


Is it possible to provide the workflow?

Hi @marlontalisvistar 


You can use the Summarize building block combined with a Union to be able to get the Totals as in your screenshot. Please see below,




The summarize in this example is looking at total Qty and LQty and the formula is just creating the label "Total". I put it under Employee ID. Then the Union is stacking everything based on name.


Hope this helps. Cheers!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @marlontalisvistar ,


You may find the Crew Macros useful. The Crew Macros are a series of third party Alteryx tools that you can find more information on and download here:


Specifically, the Add Totals tool will allow you to calculate the column totals. See attached.


Additionally, to calculate the delta I would recommend using the transpose tool to pivot the orientation of your data (in both data sets) and then perform a join to figure out the delta.




9 - Comet

Hi Christine,


Thanks for the solution, however can we remove the "NULL" value?


Hi Michael,


Thanks for the macro pack however, we are restricted to download and install files in our office. Maybe you have a better solution?


9 - Comet

HI atcodedog05


please see attached workflow.

9 - Comet



I thinks I was able to solve the "NULL" issue using the formula. Formula is "if IsEmpty([x]) THEN 'TOTAL' ELSE [x] ENDIF" and if IsNull([x]) THEN '' ELSE [x] ENDIF".