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Find unique values using Iterative Macro

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Hi AlteryxGeeks,

I was trying to fetch unique values from a table. But I found it was not as easy as I thought. Please share with me your ideas.


Requirement: This input table(Alteryx doubt.xlsx) contains Name of boys on the left side and Name of girls on the right side.


I want to extract unique  Boy-Girl Name pair rows from the Input Table. See the Expected Output here. A boy's name should not repeat in the first column of output, and a girl's name should not repeat in the second column of output.


It looks like an iterative macro is needed to solve this scenario.

Edit: I have uploaded bigger sample data  'Actual Data -4K+ entries.xlsx'

Alteryx Doubt.PNG



Jishnu Krishnan K

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @Jishnu_K ,


I solved this specific example by iterating within a regular workflow, however I am not sure whether this would scale well to a larger dataset. Hopefully it helps!

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 10.08.03 AM.png



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Hi @MeganDibble, Thank you for lookin in to this. This solution works for this data set. But my Actual data contains around 4000 pairs. When I ran this workflow using my Actual data. Some of the required entries were being excluded through the duplicate outputs of unique tools.    I have uploaded Actual data here.   At the end of the workflow add 2 unique tools. One for checking duplicates in boys name and second one is for checking duplicates in girls name.

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Try this macro. It works on the original sample data and appears to work on the full data as well.