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Find records that disappeared

5 - Atom

Hi all,


I have 2 transaction files with 150000+ rows each: File A is the older file and File B is the newer one. I need to find which entries from File A disappeared on file B and sum the total amount (debt amount) that disappeared.


I have only managed to create a Unique ID for both files so far - workflow attached.


Any thoughts?



13 - Pulsar

Unable to access the sample data from the workflow attached.   Possible to share sample data separately?

12 - Quasar

Try the Join tool.  If your file A is the left input anchor and your file B is the right input anchor, and you set up your unique id as the join field, then the Left Output will be records that exist in file A, but not in file B.


See the example for the Join tool.   Type Join at the top right, then when Alteryx displays Join under the list of tools, click the button for Example.


5 - Atom

Thank you - I think I managed to get the output, but where I am actually stuck is how to output this information in a user friendly way. I would need the missing entries + the values associated to it so I then can calculate what disappeared.


Any idea?


Thank you.

12 - Quasar

Can you provide sample data (less than your full 150,000 records)?


See this post to create a zip file (yxzp) that includes your workflow and data files:


Export Workflows with Attachments (Assets)


Alteryx Partner

Hi @lelisj,


Could this solution help you out?

As @ChrisTX pointed out, the sources would be very helpful.