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Find number ending with "000"

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I am testing a journal entry for an audit procedure and I am trying to highlight or filter out rounded numbers ending with "000".  Can anyone point me to the tools. 


Thanks for your help.

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Hi @radjovi ,

You can use tostring() to convert to string and  endswith()  to check  if number ends with '000'.

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You can use regex tool by using the pattern [000]

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Assume we have column Number. you can use RegEx to check.


IF REGEX_MATCH(ToString([Number]),'.+000') THEN



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You can use the following RegEx Command .*?000$

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17 - Castor

Hi @radjovi 


You can also use the following function to populate a boolean field


If Mod([FieldName],1000)=0 then


 The Mod() function looks at the remainder after dividing by 1000.  If it's 0, then the number ends in 000 and the result is true.  Any thing else gives false.  



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Thanks a lot, it works perfectly fine.