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Find and replace with multiple criteria and fuzzy match cities help!

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This is an abreviated version of the workflow that I am working on but should be sufficient for you to help me, if you can please - I feel that I am going round in circles more times than I care to think about!!


I have a list of cities which cannot be matched against the file (which I found on the internet) of cities and county they belong to ("Master file").


[This is an aside but it will help my learning] - Also, in the Master file it lists multiple zip codes in one column so I parsed these to separate columns to do a look up against them and they the output you see here is where there are still no matches (I am not sure if there is a quicker way of doing multiple find and replace fields as an aside?) - also I had to change the field type to string to get the lookup to work so is there way of searching and replacing numbers too?



alteryx screenshot.jpg







In any case, I've tried using Fuzzy Match to try and match the Sales data against the Master file and I just can't get it right, so I've stripped it back and hoping that someone can help fill in the blanks to help me conquer this fuzzy match trickery!  I want to ensure that the fuzzy match only kicks in when the States are the same, so I selected exact match for the state when I tried the fuzzy match - but let me know if I did something wrong there too!


Also, I don't have the CASS module available so I can't use that unfortunately (I did get mildly excited when I spotted it!).



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Hi @ck2019 can you attach the .csv files and your xls spreadsheet?

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@carlosteixeira2005 Whoops - sorry I meant to upload the package instead! Thanks for looking at this for me.

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Hi @ck2019 


Take a look at this workflow and let me know if this help you...


Something like this?



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I think you reuploaded my version instead of yours!? Thanks for your time though, appreciate it...

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Whoops, sorry.


try again


Take a look at the example workflow under the Make Group tool


The example combines total sales amounts for vendors with similar names, using a fuzzy match


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Hey, I think the join here works wonders but there is a little bit more to do.  I also thought more about the multiple zips existing in the zip column and applied a text to column and then a transpose - it takes a little longer to run but deals with this nicely- I won't post it but 


I think the only thing that I need now is a fuzzy match on the left join as per the attached screenshot, I really want to have the City's populated with the correct spelling where the states/zip code are the same.  I'm sure it's achievable - I just can't figure it out...! Thank you


alteryx screenshot2.jpg


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I will check


To correct the City name.....Summarize by Zip and City, Sort by Zip then Count descending, then use the Sample tool to take the first record from each Zip.  In the Sample tool, group by the Zip.