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Find Replace Alpha Numeric

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Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to match specific words from two data sources. One is a free text, the other is a name. Im using find and replace (append in this case). I want 1C to show up after "1С - Пра го оает докумвало. Т.к. это сиьть и э" in a separate column using the 'append field(s) to record'.


Data source A (find): "1С - Пра го оает докумвало. Т.к. это сиьть и э "

Data source B (replace / match): "1C"


Im using the following settings:


I cant for the life to me to get these values to match. This "1C" (data source B) is apart of a larger listing im matching, so a specific regex function wouldn't work in this situation as there are numerous variations / names (400+), such as ACL, Infos, EC20, etc.


Any ideas/ thoughts would be much appreciated.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

So, there seems to be a problem with the longer string.


If I replace "1C' at the start, and write "1C" at the start instead, then it works fine.


On closer inspection, it looks as if the 'C' in the longer string is not a true 'C' and this is why the match is not succesful.


This is the interger unix value for the character "C" in the long string.




In contrast the value in the find string is..




I'm not sure the best advice to offer here, but if you were to copy the leading "1C" of your long string into your find list, then it will work as expected.