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Find Not Null Cells Within a Column and Replace with X


Thanks a lot to both of you! I really appreciate your help and fast response!

FYI - I'm not sure what the deal was with trying to open the module because I was clicking on the download icon.


I can possibly answer the question related to downloading the file... Microsoft Edge perhaps?? Each .yxmd file is just an xml file at it's core. In the first few versions, Microsoft Edge does not allow you to save files that it recognises and it recognises this file as an xml, hence why it opens the file. 


If that is not the reason, then I'm not sure....

Hi there, 


What's the best way to update this so:

1. if a cell in a specific column is "null" then populate with "New" 

2. if the cell is not "null" then keep the existing data as is


The below works  but then it replaces everything that is not null with "X"

IF (IsNull([Home ZIP])) THEN







ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @claroching,

To leave it unaffected in the "else", just put in the field in question; for your example:

IF (IsNull([Home ZIP])) THEN
    [Home ZIP]

Hope that helps!

 - John

Thanks a mill !!!

Thanks a mill !!