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Find Multiple unrelated names for one bank account account number

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Hi Folks - I'm new to Alteryx and trying to get a workflow started.  I cannot seem to find a similar topic in the community so I figured I'd just spell it out.


I have a file that includes records that represent payments to an insurance policy.  there can be two situations:


a) 1 bank account can pay 1 policy

b) 1 bank account can pay multiple policies and also show unrelated names. 


I would like to isolate situation B where multiple unrelated names are showing up for a bank account.  I'd like a bit of guidance as I'm not totally familiar with the Alteryx tools just yet.


Looking forward to the learning opportunity, Thanks in advance,


14 - Magnetar

Hi @George_Fischetti 


Some sample data would be helpful, but what you could do to find instances where a bank account is showing multiple times is:


  1. Group By tool:
    1. Group by: Bank Account Number
    2. Count: Bank Account Number
  2. Filter tool to filter where the count <> 1
  3. Join these accounts back to the main data set to limit the population to just records with this fact pattern.
9 - Comet

With a Summarize Tool (Count Function) and a Filter Tool you should be able to Isolate such accounts. You can then tie the Isolated account back to your policy data for a list of related policies paid by a single account. (Please see image below and attached workflow)


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8 - Asteroid

Thank you both for your input!!