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Filtering with different criteria


Hi guys, 

I'm trying to take the data of all the countries including the "total" row. but when i filter the words that come before total, it also filters some other countries and I have no idea why. I have attached my workflow. It would be lovely if someone could help me

Thank you in advance.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

In filter 11 your syntax [Australian Petroleum Statistics] > "Afghanistan" you are applying a numeric filter with a string. If you wanted all the data for Afghanistan then you would want to use this syntax [Australian Petroleum Statistics] ="Afghanistan" 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Just use this in your first filter,


IsNull([Australian Petroleum Statistics]) OR
IsNull([Crude Oil & other])



Alteryx Partner

Well you are using a "Greater than" test in your filter.

You are asking to keep the records where "Field" > 'text value'.

I would do a few things differently. I would move date and "table source info" as column values.

I would use Sample tool to skip some blank rows.

Also you can use "dynamic rename" to promote first row to headers.

You can also "skip last x rows" with the sample tool to get rid of the last records you dont want.

Let me know if this works