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Filtering using existing columns




I am new to Alteryx and I am trying to filter using values in the spreadsheet itself.


For example say I have column a and column b, I would like to create an expression that checks whether the field in row 1 column b exists in any of the rows in column A. Is the filter tool the best way to go about this?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Alteryx Certified Partner

[Column B]=[Column A]


If the value in B matches A, the record will go to True. If the value does not match, it will go to False.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but this would only check the record against itself.


I would like to check one record of column b to all the records to column a.




Column A       Column B

1                             4

2                             6





The conditional should give true for 4 since it exist in column A. It should give False for 6 since it does not exist in column A. Thanks again for your help, hope I cleared my question up.

Alteryx Partner

Hi @JayP, what would it be your prefer output? see if the attach file fit your needs.Capture.JPG








This is very doable:

- split your flow into 2 - one takes everything (the one going downwards in the screenshot) and the one going straight

- The top one you want to get the unique list of items in column B and it strips out the column A.   Reason for this is that you can use this as a filter

- The bottom one then meets with this in a join - you join Column A from the full data with the unique set of Column B values - and then throw away anything where there's a match (if you want to filter - if you want to keep the matches, then take the J channel instead of the R channel from the join).


Screenshot and workflow below.