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Filtering subsets of a dataset to different sheets



I work in Quality Assurance/Data Integrity - I am seeking to build a workflow that will filter out subsets of a population (data set from a system database) and output them to different sheets of the same excel file.  The stratification is based on a primary key (v_string) in the dataset.  Does anyone have any ideas on what functions I can use to accomplish this?  

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Delimitless 


Have you already checked the Interactive Lessons and Live Training sessions?


They are a valuable resource to begin.


To write to the same Excel File and multiple sheets in the same workflow, you can use the Block Until Done tool or change the sheet name with a field using this option:



I strongly recommend you to search for community resources before starting your workflows. There's a lot of useful content, entirely free, to learn from.



@ThableausI am familiar with the Block Unit Done tool and how to create an output to different tabs on the same excel file.  


My issue  is writing a function to filter for my multiple items and send them to different tabs.  Right now the workflow I have built is a chain of Simple Filter functions it works but is just messy. 


Hi @Delimitless 


Instead of filtering to get multiple streams, you can add a Formula Tool that populates an Excel sheet name field.  You can then use @Thableaus excellent suggestion of "Take file/Table name from field"



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Oh, good to know you're already there.


A single Filter won't achieve the task you want.


I have a different idea - you could use a table to append sheet labels to every piece of your dataset and write them to an Excel Output.


Something like this:

5_step - Copy.PNG1_Step - Copy.PNG2_step - Copy.PNG3_step - Copy.PNG4_step - Copy.PNG






That, of course, depends on how complex your Filter rules are.


If there are other conditions, you could use the Formula Tool to create the tab fields as well.


Please post a sample of your data and I'd be glad to help.





Thank you this solution works!