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Filtering from a list containing wildcards


I have a table that contains a free-for-all field in which individuals can enter comments. These comments contain certain keywords that I'm trying to identify. I'm creating a custom filter expression using the IN function to generate a list, rather than create individual IF statements for each of the keywords. It seems like the traditional SQL wildcard identifier doesn't work with the alteryx IN function, so now I'm at a dead end for which Google has had no answers. Is this at all possible?




[field] IN (%"keyword1"%, %"keyword2"% )

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner


Determines if a given value matches any value in a subquery or a list.

[GeoLevel] IN("Street", "Intersection")


from the help guide.


So it seems, just remove your %'s.



I thought so too at first and gave it at try to no avail. An example of the field in which I'm trying to isolate these keyword would be:


"This project is related to [keyword], for client x. [keyword2] is due by date x". I need alteryx to be able to identify which records have those keywords in that field and filter them. Hence why I need the wildcard functionality to be able to isolate the keywords.