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Filtering dates taking too long




I have a table with more than 18 million records. I am bringing it into alteryx using input tool and then changing date from string data type to date in order to filter to get todays date minus 15. I used the datediff function to create datediff filed and got date difference for my date with todays date. All works fine until now but as soon as I apply filter to get data with datediff < 15 it starts to take time. Is it possible to do something using indatabase tools ( i have tried but datetime parse or any other tools dont work with the in database tools) or anything else?


Please let me know what can be done. Thanks,MoHammad.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner





If you are using an inDB tool filter, you can compare the incoming date to one of these calculated dates using a LESS than or GREATER than comparison (as opposed to counting the actual days difference).


When using the inDB tools, you need to use syntax appropriate for your database.  As you can see above, SQL can vary by your DBMS.


I hope that this helps,


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