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Filter tool -this tool has not been configured

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Hello, I have a problem with the filter tool.when I drop it to the canvas so as to use it it appears a message that is says : this tool can't been configured. Do you have any idea why is this happening?
Thank you in advance
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Hi @maria_chio


Once it is on the canvas, you need to set up the filter using the left hand configuration window.





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While I agree with @LordNeilLord that you need to configure the Filter Tool, I think that you might also need to "Run" the workflow.  It is possible that your metadata isn't present for the Filter to be configured properly.  Try play/running the workflow and you should be fine.




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@MarqueeCrew, I love it when we agree

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but if ou see me photo , this doesnt even appear....


Hi @maria_chio,


I am facing the same problem with you, and I have tried to run the workflow, updated alteryx to the latest version as well.  I was wondering do you fix this problem yet? If you do, could you show me how do you fix it?




For the heads up, I had some emails with @maria_chio and issue was solved by installing the latest version of Alteryx Designer.




Paul Noirel

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I have the same issue with @maria_chio and I have downloaded the latest version of Alteryx Designer twice. The filter tool is still not working at all. 


Thank you, 



Allie do you solve your problem?I have the same problem with the last version!


I have the same problem with the Filter tool - have not been able to use it for a few days now - cannot configure the basic filter (no drop down available), and cannot type in the Custom Filter (can only select from drop-downs)...


Does anyone know if there has been an issue lately? It was working last week.