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Filter to Leave Cell Blank




I am trying to create a filter which would intentionally leave a cell blank if it contained a certain value. More specifically, I'd like to leave a cell in the filename column blank if it contains the filename of a certain file. I believe I would need an if-then filter similar to the following:


if [filename] = "thisfile.xls" then (blank)


I am clearly a newbie to filters so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I imagine you'll want to perform this action in a Formula tool. Set the formula tool to update the [filename] field with this formula:


IF [filename]='thisfile.xls' THEN ""

ELSE [filename] ENDIF


If you wanted to take extra steps and use a filer, set the filter formula to this:




Connect a Formula tool to the true (T) output from the Filter. In that Formula tool, update the value for the [filename] field with ' "" ' and then Union those results to the False (F) output from the filter to achieve the same result. 


I've attached a solution that covers both.