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Filter overlapping spatial objects




I'm wondering if anyone can help... 


I have a large dataset with coordinates. I've created 10 mile radius using the trade area tool for each point. 


I'm just wondering whether its possible to filter on the points that overlap? So that I only see the points/trade areas that overlap with another? (And the other non-overlapping points are not shown).


Many thanks! 

Alteryx Partner

Sounds like a job for the Spatial Process tool.  Just make sure to configure for intersection object.

Hi @JH123

The Spatial Match tool will find overlaps. You can join the dataset to itself, using the trade areas as the spatial fields and the intersect method. Make Groups will eliminate the repeats.

If you look at the Weekly challenge, a recent one had this I think it was 172, the most recent.

Let me know if this helps.